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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Is it a Bus, is it a Train...?

I've been on a trainbus.....or was it a bustrain? I'm not sure.....it was kinda like both but neither.....it was on the road, but it was on those long shiny lines......inside it was sort of like a bus but long like a train.........the humanvoice-from-inside-the-box kept saying something about a tramp.......

I had to workywalkies to get us to this bustrain-trainbus thing, then we had quite a long ride on it. Next came a short workywalkies to find a proper train. That was a comfy carpet snooze, tucked in by Mum's back paws. When we got off the train, we were on old familiar territory - another great workywalkies along the canal in Banbury to Peter-and-Fran's home. Inside we found lots of humanpals. It was all very exciting....for a brief moment....then it was a looooooooong snooze while they all went on forever yacketying..........then noshing (they were far too unmessy with that - not an atom was dropped for hoovering!)......then more yacketying. I did get to take Daddy outside for a brief leg-stretch in the middle of it all.

Then it was the return journey. I got my dinner at the train station! A picnic on the platform! That gave me some strength to carry me through to get Mummy home. It was dark when we got off the train, so I had to strut my stuff extra well. We made it safely home and I got a chewystick! I must have did good!

Now.....I've just noticed that Mum and Dad's bed is all ready for use. Mum just told me to go bed.....she didn't specify WHICH bed.........shhhhhh! Don't tell.........
Snoozing on the train.

Snoozing on the BusTrain / Train/Bus

Picnic on the platform!

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