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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The Pie Snaffler

Freerun!!!!! Freerun!!!!!! Freerun!!!!!!

I got a FREERUN!!!! Yayyhayy!

Mummy's talkybone apparently told her where to find a park nearby. It was a really nice park too! A big one with lots of sniffings and weemailings and space for big zoomies! Not many doggypals - in fact only 2 and one of them was grumpy to me. The other wasn't allowed to play. I did manage to find a small morsel of edible consolation though - and I was able to snaffle it before Daddy got to me to interfere! He said it was something called a pie. (It seems that the flappy thing that got stuck to my mouth told him that!). It was yummy!

Now Mummy seems to be packing my bags ......

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