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Thursday, 1 February 2018

DoggyDaddyDixon Holibobs!

Well now I know why Mummy packed my bags. I'm on my hollibobs!

I had to take Daddy walkies this morning to collect a car, so then rode back in it. Then my bags and my food box and my toy box all got packed into the car.
Next came a ride to a very exciting big parkyplace. When I got out of the car, it was even more exciting: My doggydaddy Dixon was there!

Wooooohooooohoooo! Oh....err.....sorry....I perhaps ought to mention the humans that came with him too.....Uncle Malcolm and Aunty Brenda! Well....now to the important bit; it was time for a FREERRUUUNNNN!!!!! Yayhayhayhay!!! DaddyDixon and I wasted not a moment. We zoomed off and had a fantabulous time! Huge green open space like that simply has to be enjoyed to its fullest!
Aunty Brenda seems to have two extra legs! She is very sensible - 4 legs is always better than 2. One of her 'normal' legs though was wrapped in a funny big pawcover thing and a plastic bag. She was using her front paws to work her 'extra legs'. Dixon and I had to be careful not to knock into her. It seems that human 4legs is less sturdy than doggy 4legs!

After zoomies and doggyplay, we went into a little human yummyery for a brief while, before I then got into DaddyDixon's car with him. At first, I thought this was fun but then I realised I was being clipped in and Mummy wasn't coming in with me! I tried to get out again but she came and gave me big hugs to let me know it was all OK. I gave her lots of loves and kisses too - just so she knows I love her! Then the car-bum-lid was closed and we were off. Me and DaddyDixon in the back together and Uncle Malcolm driving with Aunty Brenda in the other front seat. All my bags and stuff was on the back seat. Mummy and Daddy went off in the car we got this morning.

Apparently, I will be here for 9 sleeps while Mummy and Daddy go to do some boring stuff. I think I will have fun with my doggydaddy - much more fun than I would have watching Mummy and Daddy doing boring stuff!

So, I might not be reporting here until next weekend. I hope you all have fun in the meantime. I'm sure I will! DaddyDixon and I have a lot of toys and bones to share!

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