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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Is Water Wet?

Heeeeelllllppppp! Aunty Brenda please save me! Mummy not only put me back to work today, but she also neglected me! I want to come back to my doggyDaddyDixon and have more fun!

Actually, it was nice to get back to work. It was a good workywalkies to church and back. I did try to persuade Mummy that she was going the wrong way back. After doing my 'find the button' at the bleepycrossing, we should have turned left to go into the park, but she insisted on 'Not today. Find right'. I tried......I really did.....but there was no persuading her! 'The park will be far to soggy and squelchy today' and 'You've had a whole 10 days of freeruns. You don't need one today!' Hhhooooowwwwwlllllll.......Waddyameand I don't NEED a freerun? I can ALWAYS manage to need a freerun! Huffety Huff Harrumpht! I put full ploddypaws mode into action - for a few paces....wellllll.....OK....it was good to be strutting my stuff again but don't tell Mummy that! I could still have happily needed a freerun......

A trip to Pets R Us made up for it.....a bit.... There was a bit of hoovering to do around the pic n mix area and we did get a nice big sack of my nosh!

The neglect bit was at dinnertime. Mum seems to think that the fact that I munched my way through a cow's rib bone is acceptable reason for 'not realising the time'. My dinnertime is supposed to be when the tickydisk tells Mum it is something called fivethirty. Well, it went way past that....it was telling her sixfifteen and she suddenly said 'Ooh...the time! Oakie do you want your dinner?' Well .... Derrrr! Is water wet?

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