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Monday, 12 February 2018

Boomerball fun!

Dribbling and 'Leave it' seem to have been today's theme. In some instances they were most definitely linked.

It all started with a minor lake on the floor around my paws at breakfast time. It was Mum's fault entirely; She failed to give or drop me even the tiniest morsel to absorb my mouthjuice, so it had nowhere to go except into a puddle around my paws!

I then took Daddy on a trip to return the car to its kennel, and then we enjoyed a walkies back. That was all good. When we got back, Mum had the contents of a cupboard out all over the table. This included MY shelf! My shelf is where she hides all my yummies. So, with all my yummies out - mouthjuices started flowing again. More dribbling! Mum was a meanie; She not only put everything away again, but she also dropped a few of my yummies and had the audacity to tell me to 'Leave it'!! That was MY yummy - on the floor - pleading to be hoovered....... Huff! Then she told me I was a good boy to leave it, and promptly picked them all up and gave me - just ONE! I sense a bit of diddling going on here!

A bit later, we set off on a workywalkies into town. Our destination promoted yet more dribbling, and included lots of 'Leave it' commands too! The destination was the seriously yummy shop! The one with a see-through wall with loads of meat and sausages and bacon behind it! I may have left a bit of a mouthjuice puddle just in front of that display! Oops!

Adding to the torment was Mum's ongoing insistence on 'Leave it' aaaaaaalllll the way! It seems she is on some kind of mission to prevent me sniffing and weemailing and snaffling. She says it is not professional behaviour! Harrrumph!

When we got back home again, the floor got a bit soggy again. Mum failed again. I supervised her ever so carefully while she was unpacking all the meat, then using a shiny pointystick to cut it up and take bits off it, then pack it all into little bags. She then put it all into the big white chillycupboard that seems to make everything go hard. Her failure to drop anything was yet again the cause of the minor flood.

My dinner was super extra yummy tonight though. It had lots of little juicy squishy bits in it. I think it was something to do with what she was doing with that shiny stick thing. I think I forgive her!

The other bit of dribbling was great fun! When we got back after our workywalkies, Mum removed my harness, lead and noseband and I got to have a great game of dribble with my Boomerball. This mooring is great because there is a lovely big area where I can hoon around with that ball.

Click here for the video.

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