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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tenkay Practice!

Holibobs definitely over! Training has begun!

Not me! I don't need training to do a tenkay route. No no no..... I am training Mummy!

I took her for a four mile workywalkies today. It was a bit muddy sloshy squishy squelchy but I managed to steer her around most of the puddles. It was a nice walkies. We managed to dodge the leakyskies and found the little bit of the day when the glowball was out of hiding in the sky!

Mum says that the tenkay distance shouldn't be too much of a challenge as long as her back paws don't cause her problems. She just wants us to get quicker. She says we should be able to achieve the tenkay in two and a half hours, but if we can do it in two hours then she will be super chuffed. She also says we would achieve it quicker if we didn't keep stopping for weemails! Huff!

If you would like to support us in doing this then please click on the link and go to our fundraising page. We are hoping to raise at least 300 shinydisks to go towards our fund to sponsor another puppy to be trained to change someone's life like I have changed Mummy's.


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