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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Home Again!

Mummy & Daddy came back!

I have mixed feelings about this: I love my Mummy and Daddy and I'm happywaggy to be back home again aboard floatyboatyhome, but I was having a fantabulous time with doggyDaddyDixon and Aunty Brenda and Uncle Malcolm.......

I did get a bit excited when Mummy and Daddy arrived at daddyDixon's home. The first photo shows me and daddyDixon greeting Mummy with megawaggies - we were a bit of a blur! I got my last few minutes of toy-destroying efforts in with daddyDixon while the humans did the inevitable yacketying and hot-brown-drink thing. Then it was time to say goodbyes and hup into the car. I got to ride on my bed on the high back seat because the car-bum was full of stuff. It was quite a long drive so we arrived past my dinner time. Starvation is not a good welcome home! I just about survived long enough to make it to my food bowl when it was filled.

While Mum did her unpacking thing, I took Daddy walkies to Lidl's and back. When I got back I got a lovely towelrub before tucking into a yummy little bone-treat! I think it helped a little to feed my forgiveness muscles.

Mummy wanted me to hup onto the sofa with her but I thought I would register my protest at being abandoned first. I got hold of my big Nookybear and buried my face in him in front of the hotbox; with my bum pointed firmly towards Mum! I managed to keep this up for a few minutes but that sofa and some snuggles dragged me up to join Mummy. Her leg makes such a comfy pillow!

Home sweet home! But I am already missing my partner in play - my doggydaddy Dixon. I hope we can get together again soon to get up to more father-son-mischief! It has been fabtabulous fun!

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