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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Successful Surgery!

Another humankennelblock! Another human yummyery! Another freerun! aaaaaand....lots of car riding. That about sums up today. Oh...and a couple of workywalkieses too.

We said bye byes to Puppa, then I took Mummy on a nice long workywalkies. She got it all wrong though. She insisted that we keep 'Straight on' past the bestest park in Shoreham! Huff! I am supposed to be the one who decides the best and proper route to take! I'm sure that park would have been much safer and more pleasant than the busy roadside!

Daddy came along a while later and picked us up in the car, which was all loaded up with bags and stuff. Then, a long drive later, we arrived on familiar territory; it was by a canal, where our floatyboatyhome was, on and off for quite some time. Mum says it is called Woolhampton. We were at a human yummyery called the Rowbarge. Inside we met lots of humanfriends - all floatyboatypeople! Before we had to 'find the table', I got to take Mummy for a brief workywalkies along the towpath. That was an exciting opportunity to have a good sniff and catch up on the old local gossip. I managed quite successfully to con Mummy into lots of sniffings before I actually did do my necessaries! Heehee! She somehow seems to know when I need to download, but, if I do enough indications but then twirl and sniff but hang on, then I get lots more opportunities! It is a technique that often works well! It certainly did today! Heehee!

It seemed like ages under the table and not a single crumb fell my way! I was a good boy though and just did what I am supposed to do; I laid down beside Mum and endured all the endless yacketying!

The best bit came soon after that: A brief pause outside to pose with the crowd for Dad's one-eyed-clickybox, then we set off for a lovely freerun along the towpath and then back around beside the huge puddle. It was lovely! A welcome energy release!

Now after a bit more car riding, we are in a new humankennel in Newbury. I got my dinner a bit early because, when we arrived I did my bestest pleading waggytailed pathetic 'I'm starving Mummy' act and it worked! Then Mum checked her tickydisk and discovered it was before my time! Heehee! I then took Daddy for a short leisure walkies to the nearby big Tesco's and we got MummyDaddytea.

Now, having performed successful surgery on my squeaky carrot toy, I think I am ready to settle down to a good snooze.
2 photos 
Posing with the crowd outside the Rowbarge.

Poorly squeaky carrot with his head in bits lying next to Bonkers Bunny with me ready to snooze.

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