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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Wow. THAT was different....

Well that made a change!
What a very different day! A brief walkies, then a long car ride ending at Debbi's home in London. That means - huge garden! Yayyyyyy! When we went inside though we didn't find Debbi or Ryan - we found Rosie and little Hallie the squeaky microhumanpup - oh! and hissing furballs! I wasn't allowed to chase them though! I got my collar held! Hufff! I did find their carelessly abandoned food though! I started to make it feel more loved but I got 'removed from the scene'! Even bigger HUFF!
We didn't stay long - we all loaded back into the car. That meant I had to share MY boot space with Hallie's wheeliechariot. We went for a short ride and then on a short workywalkies all together. I had to guide Mum on completely new territory, while Dad confiscated Hallie in her wheeliechariot from Rosie, who just walked along on her own. We went into a big building and found Ryan and Debbi in there. After brief greetings, we all took our places in the seats and Debbi started tickling the black and white teeth of the huge black beast at the front. She carried on tickling its teeth for the whole time, but at different points she was joined by three different men; one did some human howling, the others parped on slightly different tootysticks with shiny bits on them. As each one finished, all the humans in the room banged their paws together and I got all excited thinking they all wanted to play with me. I was disappointed! It seems that humans bang their paws together for other reasons! I did get to have a bit of fun at the end though when Ryan played with me. Lots of people laughed at me though when my paws couldn't get a grip on the floor and I was running but not getting anywhere! I do like to entertain when the opportunity arises! Heehee!
The rest of the day was spent back at Debbi and Ryan's house - some of it with everyone in the garden. That was great fun - I had several people to play ball with in that lovely big grassy garden! I was tempted to jump into the big blue puddle thing at the end but Ryan scared me away from it by splashing at me! He said it was his swimming pool, not mine! What a rotter!
I forgave him for that though when he picked up my lead and I got to take him and Aimee for a lovely long walkies and a bit of a freerun on Hounslow Common.
Now, we're back at Granny's after the inevitable car ride. I've been looking out of the huge windows in the lounge and just noticed a very handsome black Labrador who mimicks my every move. I growled at him! He was taking the mickey out of me! Mum and Dad seemed to think it was hilarious! Hufffffff...........
Dad took this lovely photo of Debbi

Debbi seems to enjoy tickling the teeth of this beast!

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