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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Chines, Pawmenades and Granny - oh, and play and Dad Walkies!

Started off with a nice longish workywalkies with Mum. She actually allowed me to guide her the best way: down the Chine! Yeayyy! Alum Chine is a lovely long, shady route to the beach, and it is very popular with lots of doggy pals and their humans. That means that, as lots of the lucky pooches are off lead, they come to greet me when I am working with Mum! I never get away with it. She says that she can read my mind when I am heading her off to greet a poochpal. She says that I tickle her left arm with my tail to tell her! Hufff! I shall have to work on gettign my tail under better control!
We turned left at the bottom of Alum chine, headed off along the pawmenade and then turned up Middle Chine. That is another favourite route - another nice shady chine, equally popular for doggy pals to brign their humans. More meeting and greeting opportunities! Heehee!
Dad picked us up in the car at the top of Middle Chine and we headed off to visit Granny. I gave her a good sniffy nuzzly greeting and then took a snooze while she and Mum and Dad did all their yackety-yacking. Then we left her and I got yummies from the nice lady who sits behind the reception desk in Granny's huge vet-kennelblock place. Those yummies gave me a little extra energy to enjoy the game of chase with a super doggy pal I found in the park a few minutes later. She was a six month old Viszla puppy and she was excellent fun - bouncy and full of chase and chew and rough and tumble! I was pooped out by the time we got back to Granny's flat, and certainly very glad of a chance to stretch out and snooze off all the exertion!
I managed to recover enough to take Dad for a nice stroll this evening though. That worked up an appetite for my chew-ring. Now I am ready to snooze off the exertion of munching my way through that! Night night......zzzzzzz.......

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