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Thursday, 21 July 2016

One-eyed-clickyboxes eeeeevvvvveerrrrrrryyyyywhere.....

Another long lazy snoozy hot day but it ended fantabulously!

After dinner, when the heat was less hot, we got in the car and, when we arrived at a certain familiar car park, I have to admit that I couldn't contain my excitement. I may just have made a bit of a goof of myself with all my squeaking! Mum just didn't open the boot door quick enough. I just couldn't wait to get out! We were at Hengistbury Head! Yippppppity Yipppeeeee! I think that has to be one of my bestest, favouritest, goodest, nicest, happiest places in the whole wide world!

Three miles of blissful freerun up and over the top of the hill, then back along the road. I was maybe a little disappointed that I wasn't allowed to perfume myself in the stinkygreenditches but I think I can survive this time. I found some doggypals to play with and we ran and played all the way back along the roadtrack. They were there with their humans - all of whom had one-eyed-clickyboxes like Dad has. Apparently it was a one-eyed-clickybox club outing. Personally, I think doggypals are much more interesting!

Photo of me looking happy and super handsome in the evening sunlight.

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