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Friday, 8 July 2016

Ooh! Posh!

After a long workywalkies this morning, Dad picked us up in the car and we went to visit Granny, who seemed happy sitting in her chair. We didn't stay long because she was eating her lunch. Next came a but of a car ride, finishing at this posh human kennelblock.

Apparently it is called Carey's Manor Senspa. Something to do with Dad treating Mum. Because tomorrow she will become old!

The first thing that happened here was that I had to guide Mum, following another lady, up and down loads of twirly stairs and into a room with a funny bed thing. I just had to lie down while a lady did allsorts of rubbing and stroking and kinda thumping with her paws all over Mum, who was lying face-down in the bed thing. I did peep underneath and discovered her nose poking through a hole so I gave her a kiss to make sure she was ok.

Next, we went to our kennel, where I got abandoned to check out the bed and sofa while Mum and Dad disappeared for a while. When they came back, they were soggy and smelled like the big puddleplace where Rosie used to work.

I then got my dinner before guiding Mum on a walk around the grounds of this place and then into a human yummyery. After that we were off for another long workywalkies around the village.

At one bit, the river runs across the road. Mum was a wuss. She wouldn't walk through it. We had to go over the little bridge beside the road instead! I was well miffed! It would have been great to splash about in there! I'm not do sure about all the cars big splashing through it though, that brings back scary nasty memories.

Dad was off on a one-eyed-clickybox mission, so I guided Mum to a seat to wait. As we sat there, a big brown beastie came around the corner and right past us, really close. It had a big long head and swish tail and clipclop paws. It was huuuuuuge! I defender my Mummy! I gave my biggest, bravest, gruffest growl and barks. It just swished its tail and slowly clipclopped on by! Huhhhh! And Mum told me off! Harruummpphh! I was only trying to see it off!

This big clipclop beastie just sauntered on up the road and disappeared into a side twitten. A little later, we had walked on up that road and stopped again to wait for Dad, when clipclop beastie came past again. Mum told me to sit. I did. She told me to stay. She kept telling me to stay. I did. Clipclop beastie passes us by. I got yummies and lots of praise. I forgave Mum for telling me off.

Now, there us a wonderfully huge bed in here...... I wonder.......will I get away with a sneak up there?......

Photo of Mum and me outside the big posh Carey's Manor.

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