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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Carrot Sprays and Bouncing Yogurt....

Is there no end to Mum's daftness?

Honestly! It is such blimmin' hard work sorting out her mess sometimes! After a lovely day of church, visiting Granny and relaxing on the beach, we get back and she starts doing all her choppy-stirry stuff in the kitchen.

First of all I had to hoover all the long strips of carrot-outsides that she sprayed all over the floor. Then came a small (sadly only very small) chunk of cheese. Oh! And the knobby end of one of those long green logs with the juicy insides. Allll of this landed on the floor so I had to hoover it all up.

As if all that clearing up wasn't enough, she then opened the top door of the big white cold cupboard and, instead of putting the big tub of yogurt in there, she threw it on the floor! But, before it hit the floor, it bounced on the inside of the cold cupboard and a great gloop of yogurt splatted all down the front of the bottom door, and a dollop landed on the floor too! Mum was very quick to pick up the tub so I didn't have to clear that up, but, oh my goodness! I did have a huge lot of licking to do in order to do my cleaning duty to the floor and the white door. I even had to stand up on my hind legs to get to the top end of the trail! While I was busy dealing with all of that lot, Mum was dashing for a cloth. She used it to clear up yet more of this yogurt from inside the big white cold cupboard. That was fine except that she managed to drop a big dollop of it on my head! Well! That was really rotten! I can't lick there! What a waste of good yogurt! AND I then had to endure a slathering with a cloth to remove it all from my neck and ear!

Its ts a good job I like yogurt! And apparently it is good for me too! So, in that case, I declare a job well done!

Now...... Where's my Sunday bone?......

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