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Friday, 12 August 2016

Flippin' Car.....

I'm very glad my car-bed is comfy. I've spent like forever on it today!

We've done lots of creepy-crawly drivey-slowly on the big-supposed-to-be-fast-whizzy roads. Aaaaaaall the way to Bournemouth and back. We visited a cocker spaniel. Well... I suppose really, Mum and Dad were there to visit the ladyhuman in that lots-of-desks place, but the doggypal was much more interesting!

Apparently he works there - keeping all the humans in order when they sit at their desks doing all their clicketyfingersing and talkyboning. That all still baffles me - mutual bum-sniffing is a much more civilised means of greeting and communicating!

Next, we visited Granny. That was nice, but far more importantly, that visit was followed by a blimmin good freerun in the park. OOoooh! I needed that!

Now, after the long car ride back, we are in Papa's White wheeliebox again and I have been evicted from Mum's bed! Hufffffff!

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