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Wednesday, 3 August 2016


It is exhausting being so admired and loved and fussed and ear-tickled and bellyrubbed and stroked and admired yet more......

Apparently we went to university today - Reading University. There, we met a gazillion humans and several Guide Dogs and Puppies. I started off really well; I found a huge water bowl and had a wonderful long sloshy everywhere drinking session. I created a superb lake on the floor, then laid down in it! Well, I figured it was the nearest I would get to a swim today! It seems we were all there as ambassadors for Guide Dogs UK, and it was something called a National Citizen Scheme for maximinihumans. It seems that, if we did a good job if our ambassadorship today, then maybe they will do some things to raise some shinydisks For GuideDogs. I hope they appreciated my efforts at getting my fur nice and soggy for them!

All of today's admirers lined up with all us dogs in front,
in the grounds of Reading Uni, in front of clock tower

Me lying down on wooden floor surrounded by admiring humans talking with Mum.

Me and Casper, a fellow Guide Dog, black GSD X Retriever, with a rather peculiar and slightly outsized human holding our leads, in front of a Guide Dogs banner

Me on harness sitting, with Mum beside me, by the Guide Dogs banner

Waggy tail fusses with a nice admirer

What a handsome nose!

A rather splendid shot of my head sideways on looking at Mum.

Four month old golden retriever Guide Dog Puppy.

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