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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mooooore yackettying.....

Home again! Yayy!

but not before a whole load of workywalkies and other duties today! Cor! I have worked my paws off! Yep.... I am sure I am shorter tonight! Three long workywalkieses around different bits of Bournemouth, then a visit to Granny before going back to Granny's to get in the way while Mum was trying to pack bags again. Heehee! She says I am good at getting in the way. She says it is because I do a lot of practice!

The first workywalkies was to a place Mum says us called Elle Vee or something. We went there to meet two nice manhumans. I had to guide Mum on the command of "Oakie follow" through the huge building. We went into one of those magic boxes that have a different outside each time the doors open, then through a human yummyery, but, for once, we didn't stop for torture-me-time. We went to an outside bit where I just snoozed in the fresh air while all the inevitable yacketying went on.

Next, we went to a shoppy place called Poole. I didn't find any pool, lake, or even puddle there, but I did work hard steering Mum around all the people and other obstacles.

Our visit to see Granny made me a bit squeaky grumbly. Well....it was so unfair! We sat outside while Mum, Dad and Granny had their hot brown drinks and did their yipping. From where I was lying, I could see other doggy pals going in and out of the park opposite! I soooooo wanted to to play with them, but meanie Mummy had looped my lead around the chair she was sitting on! All I could do was to squeak and grumble my protests! Huff!

The the third workywalkies was just a leisure wander around one if the nice routes around Granny's flat. At the end of that, Dad picked us up in the car and we set off in the journey back to our floatyboaty home. When we arrived, I had to wait in the car while all the bags were transferred to the boat, then I had to take Dad walkies to Lidl's. Some chores are worth enduring! I have some good human friends at Lidl's and it is a good walk too. Just right before settling down for Mummysofasnuggles!

Photo of me with Mum and the two nice manhumans at Elvee,
in front of a big green heart-shaped blobthing.

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