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Sunday, 28 August 2016


"It didn't touch the sides!" She said. Well.....why on earth would there be any need whatsoever for a chunk of cheese to touch my sides? It went in precisely the right place! And it was yummy!

This was a gift from a very nice lady at a mouth-drippingly wonderful flappy-walled shoppy-thing in the middle of the street after a long workywalkies to church and then to a human yummyery, then into town. So, I had worked hard......my tail did it's very bestest appealing wiggly-wagging and I got a little reward!

Then, the lady who commented about my sides broke off a bit of a treat she had bought for her dog, and she gave me that too (after asking Mum's permission first). That was a delicious crunchy tuna biccie. Perfect accompaniment to the cheese!

There are benefits to being a working dog in a smart harness - yummy benefits! Humans often seem to want to reward me for being so amazing! HeeHeee!

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