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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Mum Needed Me....

I got a wet head. Leaky sky? Nope. Leaky eyes again.
That was at the end of a lovely long workywalkies with Mum this evening. I worked hard for all four miles of it - I had to - Mum could see even less than usual. A couple of times people stopped to ask if she was OK. She said if was the wind making her eyes stream. I know she was fibbing!
When we got all the way to that posh Sandbanks place, Mum asked me to "Find a seat" (the glowball had disappeared from the sky so Mum really really couldn't see anything). I found a seat, Mum sat down on it, removed my harness, gave me a treat and then hugged me and made my head all soggy.
I think Mum needed that long walk. I think she needed me even more though. I dread to think how many things and people she would've bumped into if I hadn't been looking after her!

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