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Thursday, 11 August 2016

White Wheeliebox....

Another new bed! Waddyamean, Mum, I'm not spending the night up here? I'm comfy! pleeeeeeease.....
Well, if I don't look, then I shall remain ignorant of what you say is my bed...... Nope.... I can't see the floor from here.....
It seems that our home is the white-wheeliebox that Papa attaches to the back of his car. It is in the front garden. I guess that means we are staying here with Papa and that is why bags were packed and we left Granny's.
This evening, I took Mum for a lovely long workywalkies around the streets here in this Shoreham place. That was a nice unwind and Mum enjoyed it. She says it was a trip down memory lane. I have no idea what the street names are, I just enjoyed strutting my stuff to keep Mum safe! It was great to work new territory!
Before we left Granny's, life went really weird! Two nice manhumans turned up. One of them had yummy ears and liked having them cleaned! I was very happy to oblige! Pleasantries over, they then started attacking the bathroom! They smashed everything! Even the shiny flat squares on the walls! I didn't like the mega noisy toy they were using. I hid in the dining room!
A good freerun on the golf course helped me to forget all about that scary stuff though. Then we visited Granny before the journey to Shoreham. It is nice to be with Papa, but Nanny's armchair really doesn't look right without her in it!
Photo of me asleep on the bed inside the White-wheeliebox

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