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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Leaky Eyes and Squawky MicroHumans

Lots of leaky eyes, lots of my special loving, lots of walkies and ooooooooodles of human yacketying. That was my day!
We went to visit a lady who did lots of clicketyfingersing and then gave Papa lots of floppy rectangles with squiggles all over. Then we went to another place where there was more yacketying and we went into a church-like room. At both of these places, they were talking about Nanny and there were leaky eyes again.
After this we picked up Rosie and a very squawky Halliemicrohuman. Dad drove to the big human vets where Mum and Rosie got out, taking Hallie. I stayed in the car and went with Dad and Papa to get my dinner and theirs. It seems that Hallie was not well but she has been checked by the human vets and is OK now.
Dad then left me to look after Papa, while he drove back to collect Mum. While Dad was away, some humanfriends, Mik and Sue turned up to yackety-yack with Papa. This yacketying, of course, continued when Mum and Dad came back.
It was all rounded off by a very pleasant walkies around a longish block. Now.....I think it's time to warm Mum's bed up for her.....

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