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Monday, 22 August 2016

Sad day today....

Sad day today. :(

It seems that the reason I was all groomed up and my harness cleaned up this morning was because of going to a room with lots of humans and lots of leaky eyes. It seems it was all to say farewell to Nanny.

There were lots of my favouritest humans there but it was clearly not an occasion for happy waggy tailed greetings. I simply did my job guiding Mum to her seat and then I laid down and kept a low profile while all the human yacking etc went on. At the end, I had to take Mum to a long wooden box with flowers on top. She added another flower, then everyone else added one too. I stood up on my hind legs to check them out. I gave the box a little nuzzle and then laid down on the floor again. There were clearly still a lot of leaky eyes and hugs to be done, so I just waited.

Afterwards, we all went to a pub where there was a bit of hoovering to do and ooooooooooodles of human yackety-yacking going on. I spent most ot the time just snoozing under the table. I did come out and do my waggiest possible bit to cheer people up. I think it helped a bit.

There was one yummy moment when Uncle Terry very kindly gave me a delicious little triangle of yumminess! Actually, I kind of get the impression that he didn't mean to give it to me...... He grassed me up to Mum...... he said he had only leant down to look at something and his sandwich disappeared from his paw! Ooops! Well, I swear he lowered it down there to offer it to me! It would have been so rude to decline such an offer wouldn't it?

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