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Friday, 7 October 2016

Serious Job.

Booohooo! Daddy left us! He packed a bag, put on pawcovers, picked up bags and shinyjanglers and walked out! He left me squeaking at the door! Waaaaaa!

Mum says it is only until tomorrow though so I think we will survive.....

He has left me with the serious job of looking after Mum. I think I've done OK so far. I successfully wore her out with a good 3.6 miles workywalkies this evening. We went along the long uppy-downy-twisty-turny road from Granny's flat, then I did a "Find left" into another mega long road that took us to the pawmenade, where it was another "Find left", for a very pleasant stroll. The final "Find left" took us up Middle Chine, where I really had to step up to strut my stuff looking after Mum; it was really dark all the way up the slope! Of course, I could find the way, no problem, but, to .Mum, it was totally pitch black dark so she had to totally trust me. Of course, I did it pawperfect! No problem! I enjoyed my chewbar reward when we got back to Granny's flat!

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