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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

They LEFT Me!!!!!.......

Mummy's paws are ouchy! She says it is because of the insults that the man made for her yesterday. She says they are making her paws work differently and that is why they are clunking and making her walk all hoppity.

I got an ouchy paw too - but only for a moment until I shook away the spiky ball that was stuck to it. There are gazillions of these spiky green ball things all over the ground. I don't like them; they bite!

It has been a somewhat odd day - I took Daddy walkies this morning into town. We visited two of those shinydisks shops - the first one was that Aychessbeesee place we went to yesterday. We didn't stay so long today though. We went on to the one Dad called Napwest. I did have a little nap while Dad did a load of yacketying in there.

After enduring the torture of not getting any lunch (I want to be a human or a puppy again!) we then all went out. First stop was Granny's seniorhumanskennelblock. It was nice to meet the workypeople there again, but it was strange going into Granny's room and not finding her there. Mum and Dad packed things into bags and then loaded the bags and Granny's wheelieseat and anti-wobble walking frame into the car. I did rather hope to divert them to the golfcourse opposite but that was apparently not an option today. Huff! Instead, we went to Sainsbury's. Not as much fun but I almost managed to snaffle a huge carrot. Only almost though. Huff again!

When we got back to Granny's flat, I got abandoned! I was left in the car! Waaaaaaa..... Well, OK, it was only for a few minutes while Mum and Dad took the shopping upstairs, but it felt like forever! When Mum came back and opened the car I registered my protest by staying curled up. She had to make a fuss of me before I was recovered from the trauma well enough to have my harness on and then set out on workywalkies.

This was a short workywalkies just up the road to the humankennelblock where we used to take Granny for hot brown drinks. I got some nice fusses from the humanlady who then did loads of yacketying with Mum and Dad. It seems they were arranging something called Granny's Celebration of Life. The big room we checked out has a lovely big garden so I'm hoping I will be able to celebrate appropriately out there!

Now, I've just got back from evening walkies and Dad seems to have left his half of the sofa empty..... Mum needs cuddles.....welllllll.....i will just warm up the seat for Dad.......

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