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Saturday, 1 October 2016

You have to Mauve it, Mauve it....

Phwooooofffff! I'm all fussed out! It is exhausting being so admired, adored, fussed, patted, stroked, tickled, scratched, massaged, loved, rubbed and ruffled......

That was what I had to endure aaaaaaallll day, after a longish drive from floatyboatyhome to that place called Reading. There, it was a shortish workywalkies to find all the other Guide Dogs people in the busy shoppyplace. Then we spent the time standing outside a big shop doorway. I got all the fusses etc while Mum and Dad got lots of shinydisks and some floppy rectangles put into the giant water bowls they had hanging on their forelegs.

Mum had turned a most peculiar colour. Her headfur and her pawpointerclaws and her fursubstitutes were all purple. She says it is because her talkytiptaptoy had told her that the theme for Guide Dogs Week is Mauve it fir Money. Apparently mauve us the same as purple. Also apparently the theme is Move it, not Mauve it! Doh! Oh well, it meant that she got a very heavy lot of shinydisks! Lots more than Dad got! I'm sure this is much more because of my appealingness than because of her deftness but I guess it doesn't matter! It all means that we are almost there with our fundraising to name a Guide Dog Puppy after Nanny. VERY VERY VERY almost there........ www.justgiving.com/guidedogoakley. Please give a little bit if you can.It all helps!

After all that admiration, we set off on another workywalkies back across town to the car. This workywalkies was very rudely interrupted by a serious leak in the sky! We had to shelter in a bus shelter for a while because the sky was leaking so hard it hurt! We made it though, and then set off for another long drive.

This took us to Bournemouth again. We parked at Granny's seniorhumanvetkennel-home. Dad went inside while I took Mum across the road for a very welcome, if rather brief, freerun in the golf course park. Oh, boy! Did I need that! It was sooooooo good to let off steam by doing zoomies and having a good old sniff around! I felt much better after that!

We then went to visit Granny and found Aunty Judy and Uncle John there in Granny's room! I think my tail nearly wagged itself off! It was soooo good to see them again! Of course, it was nice to see Granny too and I did get to give her front paw some kisses again. We didn't stay very long because Granny was very sleepy.

Next, we went to Granny's flat where I got to relax while the inevitable hot-brown-water and loads of yacketyyacking happened between Mum, Dad, Judy and John.

Now, after yet another long drive, we are back aboard our floatyboatyhome. After a brief walkies around the marina, just to catch up on essential weemails, I am hearing bed calling me........

Mum and Me. What DOES she look like.....

Photo of me supervising Mum, in all her purpleness, eating a very yummy-looking brown gooey stick. She says that Marsbars are not for dogs! I think that is very unfair! I watched very carefully for the tiniest hope of a dropped morsel so I could form my own opinion! It was not to be! Hufffffff!

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