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Monday, 3 October 2016

Ready, Teddy, Snooze!

My new giant teddy makes a super snuggly pillow for a tired head.

This morning I took Mum for a nice workywalkies around the East Overcliff route then I found a seat for Mum to sit on while we waited for Dad to come pick us up in the car. Then we went off to visit Granny again. I was super worried about her and I wasn't satisfied with just a sniff of her front paw; I jumped right up onto her bed and laid down beside her. She didn't move. She just kept on doing nose-rumbles. After a little while, she did kind of wake up but she was not really very 'with it'. She was moaning until a man came and stuck a shiny spike into her. Then she went asnooze again, so we left her to zzzzz.

Mum and Dad were unpersuadable again when it came to the correct route out of Granny's seniorhumanvetkennels. Instead of the proper route - across the road and into the park, we went straight to the car! I gave my biggest snortiest huff I could muster! It didn't work though. We went to Sainsbury's! A workywalkies around Sainsbury's is OK, but it is no substitute for a good freerun on the golfcourse. I did steer Mum nicely to the carrots though. When we got back to Granny's I sat and supervised Mum putting the shopping away to make sure I got my carrot! That is a tiny compensation I suppose.

Next stop was the vet's where I had to sit on the shiny platform that gives Mum my numbers. Apparently I am a perfect 29kg. I hope that means I get more nosh! The nice lady behind the clicketyfingerstoy gave Mum two little boxes and we left and headed back to Granny's flat.

Mum opened one of the little vet boxes and got three little bone-shaped yummies and gave them to me. Except they weren't very yummy. I ate two of them but then decided the last one wasn't yummy enough to be worth eating. Mum then got a blob of cheese out of the cold white cupboard. She squidged the bone-shaped-not-so-yummy into this cheese. Now that made it VERY yummy! I wish I had not eaten the first two - I might have got more cheese! I shall make note for future reference!

After a while of Mum and Dad doing all sorts of their 'sorting' stuff, I got my dinner (I had to plead for it though - they were so blimmin preoccupied with their sorting that they forgot me! Huff!) Then came a very nice surprise though: A lovely long workywalkies down Middle Chine and aaaaallll the way along the pawmenade to that posh Sandbanks place! (It's not so posh now - I needed a wee outside one of those enormous houses!)

Now, after all that hard work, I think I shall snuggle down with my Big Teddy.

Photo of me lying on the floor asleep with my head on top of my huge (almost as big as me) brown teddybear which has a long pointed bobblehat on.

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