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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Such a Hard Life!

Wooohoooo! What a day! Sooooo much admiration! So much fuss! So many humans to meet and greet! A long lost human from my puppyhood to reunite with! And, most importantly, two Guide Dog Puppies to kanoodle with!

Ooooh! It is such a hard life being me! Heehee!

It all started with workywalkies with Mum and Dad through town and up a steep hill (Mum was panting doing that - I have no idea what the problem is... I could have whizzed up there in moments!) We went to a big building that Mum says is called the BeeTee Talkybone Exchange, here in Bournemouth. We met a nice lady there who was wearing a blue Guide Dogs fursubstitute top. She took us into a huge room with lots and lots of clicketyfingerstoys in it - and lots of humans sitting playing with them. After a little while, a couple of Guide Dog Puppies, Bewley  the 11 month old Golden Retriever, and Doug the 11 week old Black Labrador. Oh....and, of course, they brought their humans with them too! Bewley was with his Puppymummy, Pat and Doug was with Myra, who was my short-term Puppymummy when I was poorly with kennelcough when I was a little lad.

Of course it was wonderful to meet up with Myra again after all these years, but I have to be honest and admit that the puppies were much more fun! There was some serious kanoodling to be got on with. Sorry Mummy Myra - I love you really!

Oh....I guess I should explain that we were all there to help to raise shinydisks and floppyrectangles for Guide Dogs UK. The lady, Elaine, who took us in there, works in this huge room and she had organised this big day. We canines had the important job of being admired and loved by all the clicketyfingers-worky-people there. I think that, between us, we did a good job of it.

I was glad of a little freerun on the way back to Granny's - a lovely unwind before warming up the sofa!

Ten photos of today's fun and stardom - captioned seperately.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some serious zzzzing to do - it is hard work being so admired!

Me in harness, sitting between Mum and Elaine Leach, who has purple headfur and is wearing blue Guide Dogs fursubstitute top. We are inside the huge room where we did our fundraising today.

Mum and me standing between two long desks all adorned with lots and lots of prizes and goodies for the raffle and for sale to raise shinydisks and floppyrectangles.

Me enjoying a lovely ear-rub from a humanman.

Three adoring admirers fussing me. Mum is sitting on a chair and three humanladies are around me stroking and loving me. I am still in my harness at this point - Mum hasn't had chance to take it off yet!

Pooch party! Me in the middle with little 11 week old Doug (black lab) and 11 month old Bewley (Goldie) meeting and greeting in proper doggy fashion!

Oooooooh! Don't stop! 
Me absolutely adoring a fuss from a lovely humanlady. I am lying on my back on the carpet, displaying all my glory, and with a blissful smile on my face while the humanlady kneels beside me giving me the most delectable chest scratch and all over wonderful fuss.

Kisses! This humanman crouched down and demanded that I give him big cuddles and kisses - allll over! He had delicious ears and head! In this photo, I have my front paws wrapped over his shoulders and am kissing his head liberally!

A quieter moment - me standing enjoying a bit of a bum-scratch (above the tail!) from a humanman, while Mum is yackety-yacking with him and two other humanmans who are sitting near their clicketyfingerstoys.

Guess who has treats in her paw!
from left to right; Elaine, Pat, Mum and Myra, standing in a row, then, below; Bewley, me and Doug - all with our gaze totally fixed on Myra's right front paw!

Me, in harness, lying down beside Mum while she yackety-yacks to lots of humans in the room nearly at the end of the day. She was telling them all how amazing I am! Ahem!

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