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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Soggy Doggy, Soggy Daddy!

No rocking bed tonight. Back at Granny's again.

First thing this morning, the sky sprung a mahoosive leak. I really needed a wee so, as soon as Dad had put that whistling thing onto the hot-hisser-ring, I did my squeak-by-the-door routine. It worked. I got him delightfully soggy and he was wearing his numptyrobe; the one he puts on when he gets out of bed. Heeheehee..... I led him on a good and proper sniffing mission around the marina! Well.....when the sky leaks it makes everything smell different so I had to carry out a thorough investigation before deciding on the most appropriate spot to post my weemail! Dad was delightfully dripping when I brought him back aboard floatyboatyhome! Snigger! I was quite nicely soggy too - just right for Mummysnuggles on the bed!

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