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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Lots of Workywalkies and Snoozes.

Big Teddy is much more comfy than the carpet I had to lie down on for aaaaaages this morning. I took Mum workywalkies first and then we went to a 'find the door' in Poole. There was a nice humanman in there and I enjoyed his ear-rubs, but the non-stop yackety-yacking went on forever! They were talking about Granny and her few nurul or something. I just snoozed under the table! At least it was a nice carpet to snooze on!

I've done various other little bits of workywalkies throughout the day - including one very short one up to the humankennelblock where we used to take Granny for hot brown waters. Again here, the yacking was about this few nurul thing. Food was in this yacketying though - much more interesting and hopeful-sounding!

We had two visitors - nice humanmans who went around all of Granny's flat and then talked about big numbers. Mum says they were a state ajunts and they were telling us how many shinydisks the flat has so that Granny's a state can be sorted out. I didn't know Granny had or was a state but it was nice to have visitors anyway.

After supervising Mum and Dad's dinnertime - just in case they dropped anything that needed to be hoovered (which they failed dismally to do!), I then took Mum for a lovely long workywalkies down the steep slope of Durley Chine and left along the pawmenade to Boscombe over-the-sploshystuff-platform, where Dad picked us up. It was a good walkies - I had to strut my stuff as it was really dark, with very few glowpoles working, so Mum could see absolutely nothing. I kept her on the right track though. I may perhaps have snuck in a couple of crafty 'drifts' to one side - just to check on some very important weemails in key places! Mum told me off for doing that and told me to 'get on. Do you job'. Huff!

Photo of me using a huge ginger coloured teddy as a squishy pillow, lying on the beige patterned carpet of Granny's lounge floor.

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