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Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Ugh! The indignity! I thought that vet lady was nice. She gave me lots of yummies. She made lovely fusses of me. She gave me superb tummytickles, ear rubs, rib-scratches.....then more yummies. The yummies even made the attack of the ear-tube-lollipop thing that she pressed all over my chest tolerable.

Then came the first terrifying moment: she came at me with one of those evil little spikes. I did my very best to roll onto my back so she couldn't stab me. It worked. She stepped away from me so I stood up again. Mum had yummies in her front paw so my attention suddenly became very focused on that paw. I did a perfect 'sit' and fixed my bestest stare at that yummy. Then I felt the owwwieee in my neck! Humph! That was a mean trick Mummy! I think I should have got rather more than that tiny morsel!

Next, the vet lady sat down on the floor with me. Great I thought....more fusses......Nope! Instead, she asked me for my paw. I dutifully gave her my paw - usually this gets me a yummy or, at least, a towelrub (after a wet walkies). Not today though - she attacked my dew claw with a shiny-snippy weapon! How utterly terrifying that was! Again, all I got was a measly tiny morsel from Mum for that. Then I was daft enough to fall for it again when vet lady asked for my other paw! Harrumph!

More fusses got my tail wagging again - but then came the ultimate horrors: That 'nice' vet lady got Mum AND Dad holding my head end - complete with noseband so I really couldn't move - then .......Howwwwwlllll...... She stuck her pawpointers up my .....welll....you know....where pawpointers really should NOT be sticked! THAT was NOT nice! She squeezed and poked. I squirmed and wiggled. Afterwards, she had to stroke the wall, the door and the floor with squirtystuff and wipeysheets. Heehee! I think that was just reward!

I managed to forgive her when she fussed me a bit more and then gave me more yummies. I'm sure I also heard her saying rather nice things about it being a good idea for me to have more bones! She said something about it helping me to do bigger poos to keep my bottyglands clear. Well, if that means no more pawpointers being stuck up my botty AND it means more bones then I think, on balance, I DO like that vet lady!

3 Photos of the vet lady sitting on the floor with me in various stages of attacking me with that lollipop thing attached to the tubes going to her ears. I am not enjoying this!

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