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Sunday, 9 October 2016

What a Busy Day!

Woohoo! Huuuuge bed!

Oh but....Muuuuum..... Daaaaaad.......Surely it is big enough to share? OooooooOOOOooooohhh....meanies!
OK....I'll make do with MY new big bed then!
We seem to be in a humankennelblock. A very welcome touch of relaxation after an insane day!
It all started with a fantabulous time in the clifftop park, near Granny's. There, I met up with long missed buddies; Lucy and Lola the whippets, Doofus the Cockerpoo and Sid the Pug. We had a fabulous reunion with oodles of running and chasing and rolling and chasing. Oooh! I have missed them. I wasn't too happy about the Akita who came along and wasn't nice to me when I tried to play, but he was put on lead and led away by his human, so we buddies could all get on with our funtime again! It all came to an end though when Mum's talkybone squawked and we had to go to the other end of the park to meet up with Dad and get into the car.
A longish drive brought us to somewhere Mum says is called Thatcham Garden Centre. This was for another Guide Dogs gathering to collect shinydisks. This meant, of course, other Guide Dogs and Puppies in training to meet and greet - and we got away with a bit of kanoodling too! Heehee! It is hard work being good and glamorous and appealing all day though. I think I should have earned some kind of yummy reward.....well, I suppose I did get to hoover up a couple of crumbs that Mum dropped but that was all. Huff.
Next was another car ride - this time to a funny house with no walls and big hole in the floor. Inside that hole in the floor was our floatyboatyhome! It looked very tiny down there - especially as it wasn't floating - it was sitting on big sticks across the bottom of the hole! But......my humanbuddies were there - Pete and Chrissie! yayyyyyy! Yummy-ears Pete! It has been a loooooong time since I got to clean those ears out! It was fab to meet up again with doggybuddies Shadow and Tizzy too - albeit only for meeting and greeting coz we weren't allowed off lead to play. Oooooh! I have missed them all! Pete and Chrissie were kind of smeared with pongy black gloopy stuff - the stuff that they are apparently stroking all over the bottom of our floatyboatyhome for us. Chrissie had a blob of it on her nose and it made her look like a Jack Russell! Heehee!
After this brief reunion, we headed off once again in the car. This time we ended up at Debbi and Ryan's house in Hounslow. There were oooodles of humans inside the house - including Rosie and James and little minihumanpuppy Hallie. There was also oooodles of humanyummies but I only got my usual dinner. Well, and maybe some carrot bits that Ryan (ahem) dropped on the floor! At one point, the glowblob on the ceiling went off and Ryan brought in a huge yummy covered in lots of little bright flickersticks. This seemed to provoke some human howling. Something about Happy Burfday Debbi.......
A couple of chances to explore that wonderful huge garden were appreciated, even if I didn't get any appreciation for trying to help empty the bin! Then it was time for hugs and goodbyes and back into the car again! That was the final journey of the day and it brought us to this humankennelblock in Reading. A very pleasant wander around the outside areas was most welcome before checking out this huge bed. Now, if you will excuse me, I think I rather need to surrender to my very heavy eyelids.......zzzzzzz
Seven photos: six of various scenes form today's shinydisks collecting session, meeting and greeting guidedogcolleagues, one of them is soooooo embarrassing! It is of me, sitting in front of a funny little red carthing containing a non_moving little blue man and a black & white hissing furball. As if this isn't bad enough, i had to wear a band on my head with floppy yellow ears on it. My street cred is ruined! The final photo is of our floatyboatyhome in its hole in the ground.

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