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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Out of it....

Nice long workywalkies iwth Mum through Newbury (no silly bangbang cars this time thankfully!) then a long car ride back again to Bournemouth.

First stop was to visit Granny. She was there in bed but she didn't know we visited. She was just lying there making all sorts of nose and throat rumble-noises. Mum sat on a chair-with-no-back beside Granny's bed. I was worried about Granny so I hupped up my front paws onto Mum's lap and gave Mum loads of loving kisses, then I tried to check on Granny but I couldn't get to her. All I could do was rest my chin on the bedside squidgy-wall thing and watch her.

We didn't stay long - Mum and Dad said there was no point because Granny was totally 'out of it'. I tried my bestest to persuade Mum and Dad to go the proper route away from Granny's seniorhumanvetkennel but it seems that the golfcoursepark was not on today's agenda! Huff! Instead, we headed off to Granny's flat where Mum and Dad have been moving things around and Mum has been stroking things with a yellow cloth and a squirtyhissycan. She says she has no idea how clean she has made anything because today is a bad eyes day, but she says it all feels much nicer!

This evening, Dad and I left her to do some choppy-sizzly stuff in the kitchen while we went walkies to get a bottle of that red water they seem to rather like. It seems we are staying at Granny's flat for a while!

Photo shows me and Mum at Granny's bedside today. I have my front paws up on Mum's lap and my chin resting on the padded bedside railcover. I am looking towards Granny and look very worried.

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