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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Jet Power!!!!

Another Black Lab Guide Dog called Oakley! Another me! Yes! there is another me! I met him this morning! I was workywalkiesing Mum through the gardenspark into town and I noticed a colleague coming up from behind us. I successfully steered Mum towards him. I was looking into one of those shiny copy-window things. Well, one that copies and makes you look a big bigger in this case. The other Oakley black lab was a bit bigger than me and his human was a manhuman. It was good to meet and greet - even if only very briefly! His manhuman was in a hurry so we couldn't get fully acquainted.

We continued our workywalkies into town and I found Wilko's for Mum. That was a mistake! We ended up wandering around and around back again and around again in that boring blimmin shop! I tried to show Mum the interesting aisle - the one with doggy-yummies in it but to no avail. We had to stick to the boring ones - the ones with little plastic whiskersticks for the kitchen sink and then one with shiny cages for those funny white rolls of stuff that go by the human spending bowl in the bathroom. (Apparently they have something to do with yellow puppies????)

Dad came and rescued me from that tedium by taking us all to visit Granny. She was still in bed and still making funny noserumbles. I wasn't allowed to hup onto her bed today because she was all curled up but I did peep over the top of her bedside to check on her. We stayed for quite a long time and Mum and Dad just sat there holding paws with Granny. Then we left - just in time to get back to her flat for me to have my starvation alleviation.

After a nice evening walkies, I was glad to be invited by Mum up onto the sofa for a snuggle. Then she called me 'Stinky Mutt' - must because I had a little puff of jetpower to assist my jump up beside her! How very rude!

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