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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Me. A Mouse Mat. How DARE She......

Today seems to have been largely about in-and-out, up-and-down, there-and-back-again...... I have had to work hard for Mum with lots of 'find the door' and 'upsteps' and 'downsteps' and 'find the way out', then 'in the car' ..... then a short drive and repeat it all over again. 

Mum says it has all been about Granny and sorting out what has to be sorted out now that she has gone on to a better place. For me, it was all about strutting my stuff and meeting and greeting lots of people in the process. Well, it would be rude to ignore the admirers wouldn't it?!!

It all started off with a visit to a huuuuuuuge and very grand building where we had to wait for someone to sort out the door before we could go in. It was one of those nasty doors that twirls around and around. I don't like them... they bite my tail! A nice lady came and kind of folded back a bit of it so it didn't need to twirl around to let us through. Then we went up some steps and through some very grand doors into a room where a lady did loads of clicketyfingersing. Mum says she was called a Registrar. She had a comfy carpet to snooze on!

After we had negotiated out way out again via the twirly door that had to be de-twirled again, I took Mum on a lovely long workywalkies through the Upper Gardens from Bournemouth town centre into the shoppy area in Westbourne. Here the streetwork began again with lots of door-finding and inning and outing of various different shoppy places.

There were several more car rides and several more bits of workywalkies to do in various places, some of which we've been to once or twice before and some that were completely new. We did good though! We achieved it all.

Now, after taking Daddy for a nice leisure walkies while Mum was occupied doing choppy stuff in the kitchen, I am happy to provide another useful service: It is a tough one: I have to lie still next to Mum on the sofa while she uses me as a 'mat' to wiggle a little clickytoy about on. Apparently it is called a mouse - it doesn't seem to have ears or legs or a tail......

Photo of me lying next to Mum on the cream leather sofa. She is holding a little red computer mouse on my back/side and using it to move a little pointer around on her clicketyfingerstoy.

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