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Monday, 10 October 2016

Reunited with Teddy!

Back at Granny's flat now.
Last night in the humankennelblock was nice but familiar is better, even if it is not really where we truly belong.
Today has been a little more leisurely than yesterday but not entirely lazy. It got off to a good start - after taking Mum and Dad for humanyummies in the human yummeryery next door to the humankennelblock, I got to take them into the fieldy area behind the big buildings. As soon as we got to the field I plonked my bum down hard and pleaded for Mum to remove my harness. She did! And she told me to 'Go play'. Well, I wouldn't want to disobey that command! So off I ran for a good old romp around and sniffing session. I found a little buddy to play with too - a tiny 11 week old Daschund puppy called Bonny. She was weeeeeeny, but she chased me and even nipped my back leg - cheeky little imp!
Next came a bit of a drive ending at the hole in the ground that has swallowed our floatyboatyhome. I got left to snooze in the car while Mum and Dad went to yacketyyack with Yummy-ears Pete and Chrissie. I did get a few minutes to hop out of the car and meet and greet Shadow and Tizzy, before another short drive. This time, we parked somewhere that made me squeak! Northcroft Park in Newbury! Wooooohooooooo! That meant another freerun! Well, I couldn't possibly upset Mum by declining this offer could I? Heehee! It seems that Mum and Dad wanted to 'chill out a bit' too. I was glad to assist in this! We explored all the uphill bit of the park and then wandered off along a track and into some woods. Dad did my job of looking after Mum (bad eyes day today) so I was able to enjoy a superb time of running and sniffing and munching the long green strands (Mum calls me Daisy when I do that and she says it should be making me moo!).
All this fun got me nicely ready for a snooze on the carpet inside a church while 7 humans got dunked in a giant bath, plus of course there was human howling and yackety yacking to snooze through too. It was a nice comfy cosy carpet!
After a bit of hoovering duty (mini humans are delightfully messy when they eat that stuff they call cake!) we hopped back into the car yet again and zoomed off along the fast tracks to Bournemouth. Now, after a brief trip to a shop, I am reunited with my giant teddy. Time for some zzzzzs...

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