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Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Mummy's talkybone has been cockadoodledooing all day! Apparently, everytime it cockadoodledoos it means that another weemail has arrived to tell her that more shinydisks have been donated! I think I am liking this cockadoodledooing thing! It did make my head tilt for the first few times though! That made Mummy's mouth go up at the corners!

It is all good news though - thank you to everyone who has made a cockadoodledoo - the funds are now up to £1,122.35! That is awesome! I have pinned yesterday's post, with the link, to the top of my page so it is easily findable for anyone who wants to join in the fundraising draw.

Mummy's talkybone also dingalinged and she yacketied into it. Apparently it was Aunty Brenda. I heard mention of Friday morning. It seems that is when I will be going off to play with Daddy Dixon - and he is coming to collect me.

In other news - I took Mummy for a leisure walkies on my long flexilead this morning. The ground was all white and crunchy. There were some quacking featherballs sitting on the edge of the towpath. I raced up to them to clear the way for Mummy. Well..... OK...... I did kind of hope I might catch one for a new toy...... I failed! They all quacked off very loudly and sploshed down into the water. Well.... most of them did..... but a few kind of whumped and skidded on the top of the water then sploshed off the edge where it wasn't so flat and hard! Heeheee!

We found a park! That park meant a little freerun! I found loads of grey-fluffy-tailed-skitterjitters. I tried very hard to catch one of those. I'm sure they would make fab toys! But they all skitterjittered really fast and scampered up the trees! Huff! One of them, by doing that, led me to a delicious pile of yumminess at the bottom of a tree. I just about managed to devour it all before Mummy got to me to spoil my fun! She will never know what it was or just how scrummy it tasted! I left the site much cleaner than I found it! Surely that was a good thing??? Mummy didn't seem too chuffed though!

This afternoon, I took Daddy to the postyoffice to supervise dispatch of another calendar. I can confirm that it was dealt with appropriately and is now on its way.

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