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Saturday, 5 January 2019


Workywalkies to a new place! Always exciting! I do enjoy the chance to guide Mummy on new territory, not least because there is always a good range of new weemails to sniff out. I am quite good at the passing quick sniff technique. We Guide Dogs are not supposed to sniff whilst on duty, but, with practice, the swift nose-down-snort-quick technique can be deployed! Just occasionally though, it seems to cause Mummy to jerk to an unexpected stop when my nose gets stuck to a particularly vital message! Oops!

It was a good workywalkies anyway, even if it was all along busy roads with lots of kerbs to stop at. Mummy was very disobedient though - she refused to follow my bestest attempts to guide her into a big park that we came past! Huff!

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