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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Super Zoomies!

Scooby was super fast fun to do zoomies with! I met him when I took Mummy on a lovely long leisurewalkies. Mummy got in some practice with her rolytwitstick, so I got to get in some practice at sniffing and weemailing and - well - just being a dog! We went all along the towpath and around the Soho Loop. When we got to the park part-way around there, I think Mummy had ideas that we would just keep on walking past. Meeting up with Scooby soon sorted out that daft thinking!

Scooby came out of the park and rescued me! Mummy was a good Mummy - she took off my flexilead and let me 'Go play'! Yippeeee! It was great fun trying to keep up with Scooby. He is a lanky lurcher and so zooms super fast! He does a great line in boxing match too! It seems that our respective humans found lots to yackety about - no complaints there as it meant we dogs got more time to have fun!

I was a tad tired when we got home again. My bone had to wait for further attention - my eyelids demanded intense internal inspection!

We had a visitor - Susan. I like Susan! She brought me yummies and a squeaky toy! Her front paw made a very nice pillow. Thank you Susan. Apparently we will be going again sometime soon to find her with her troop of minihumans called Brownies. They have been raising shinydisks to add to my Sponsor-a-Puppy fund! I shall look forward to that. I seem to remember those Brownies had some rather lovely bellyrubs to offer!

4 photos:
Me playing with Scooby; Lurcher (Greyhound x Staffie) - pale coloured with tiger stripes.

Posing with Scooby and his humandad.

Waiting for Mummy to unwrap one of the yummies that Susan brought.

Zonked again with my new squeaky toy but my head was just too heavy to hold up to play - I had to rest it on Susan's front paw.

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