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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Commando Crawling!

Traitor Mummy!

Mummy went workywalkies with two other Guide Dogs today! I had to stand with Daddy and watch! Hooooowwwwwwwlllllll!

Visitors came aboard floatyboatyhome. Guide Dogs workyladyhumans Jenna and Laura. I recognised their blue fursubstitutes! They did oooooodles of yacketying with Mummy and Daddy, along with slurping that hot yucky black/brown water stuff. I kept out of the way for most of that time but, when I thought that maybe they had done enough of it, I did get under the table and stick my nose in each lap in turn - just to make sure nobody forgot I was there!
Finally, they all put on pawcovers and extra layers of fursubstitutes (what IS that all about? One permanent layer of shiny black fur is perfectly adequate!), and we ALL set off out.

There was a very slight delay in getting going though because there was something much more important to deal with: right outside our home was a tiny puppylet; a little 9 week old Labrador x Collie called Gladys! Well..... I simply could not be so rude as to ignore such a young one! I think the humans were a bit smitten too!

Then it was harness on and off we set for workywalkies - me and Mummy in the lead and everyone else following us. I tried very hard to get Mummy to huppup enough to catch up with little Gladys, but she kept telling me to 'Steady' (slow down). Huff! We went up the slope and onto the streets where I had to guide Mummy according to Jenna's directions. This took us to a car. Inside that car were two colleagues: Guide Dogs in training Pluto (black Lab x Retriever) and Lilly (golden Retriever). I did get to greet them very briefly, one at a time, but there was no opportunity for playing or even kanoodling. It was a business meeting!

Then, off came my harness and I got handed over to Daddy. First of all Pluto got harnessed up (in his brown training harness - we dogs don't get our smart white harness until we qualify), and Mummy set off with the ladyhumans and with Pluto doing my job. They went off around the block and then came back. Then the same thing happened again but with Lilly doing my job.

I rather get the impression this is all to do with my re-tyre-ment thingy but they all went away and I got my job back today. Mummy says it will be soon but not quite yet.

I did my job again this evening - guiding Mummy and Daddy to a big important building in Bumingham. Apparently it is called the Town Hall. Inside it was really crowded with tables and humans. I found some humans I recognise though - David and Mary, who are fellow floatyboatypeople. We did a bit of standing around, I got my picnic tea and then we all went into a rows-of-seats room. Carpet snooze time for me! There were some humans at the front doing yacketying into a lollipop. I commando crawled forward under the seat and got some lovely ear rubs from the ladyhuman sat on that seat! Heehee! When all the yacketying was done and everyone had finished banging their front paws together, I got more fusses from that nice ladyhuman - but she couldn't bend down, so I hupped my front half onto the chair to help her!

After a bit more yacketying and then some human noshing, and a very welcome bowl of water for me, it was time to workywalkies back to home again.
Photo shows me with my front half up on a chair getting some lovely fusses from the ladyhuman who had been sitting in front of Mummy.

Facebark won't let me upload video as well as photo in the same post, so I will upload two videos separately in a moment.

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