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Tuesday, 8 January 2019


Waggy Bark Day to me!

First of all - a big woofy waggy THANK YOU to everyone who made barkday donations to my Puppy Sponsor funds; It seems my Barkday is worth a fantabulous total of £70. That is pawsome! The link is still on yesterday's dogblog post or on my wagsite www.guidedogoakley.org.uk

I had to work! It was a good work though! It involved Pets at Home! Mummy does love me!

It all started with Daddy failing dismally when he was sizzling sausages and bacon. He totally failed to drop any my way! Humph!

Then came a rather pleasant part-freerun-part-flexilead-walkies along the towpath. About 5km worth of it! And Daddy was chugging floatyboatyhome along behind us. Eventually he caught up with us and we got aboard to cruise the rest of the way.

We moored up in a familiar place; apparently it is called Oldbury. (We used to live in Newbury!). When Mummy harnessed me up, I knew exactly where we had to go! Upslope from towpath to road, left along the busy road, over a rather nasty crossingplace, find the downsteps and tug-tug-tug...... Mummy just wouldn't walk fast enough! She got a bit miffed with me and made me stop and sit to remember my manners. Oops!

Then .... horrors! We went 'straight on' past Pets at Home! Hooooooowwwwwwlllllll! That was not the plan! We went to a really boring shop with nothing edible in it! Apparently it is called Homebase and it sells Daddytoys.

Thankfully, the next stop WAS the right shop! Phew! Mummy and Daddy got me some yummies for my barkday: A bag of chicken feet, a hoof and 8 biccies from the pic-n-mix.

When we got home it was dinnertime. And I think I rather like barkday dinner! It was super yummilicious! A special treat of wet juicy lamb and vegetables! Please may I have a barkday every day?

4 photos:
Me hupped at the checkout in Pets at Home getting a yummy from the nice ladyworkyhuman. She said I am cute!

Waiting for my whistle command to tuck into my special dinner.

Tucking in. Yummmmmmm!

On the sofa with my 8 biccies between my paws (they didn't stay there for long) and my hoof and pack of chickenfeet beside me (Mummy says I will have to wait until tomorrow to sample them).

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