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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Big Bash Draw!

It seems it is customary to have something called a 'Retirement Do'. I am rather hoping this might involve a big freerun and lots of super scrummy yummies! I shall wait and see.

However, I am not going out without a final big bash at this shinydisks raising thingy! I want to make sure I can sponsor another puppy to be trained to follow in my pawprints!

Soooooo........ Today I will launch the

The prizes will be:
~A hand-drawn, framed portrait of the one and only ME!
~A VIP tour for two people, of the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre in Leamington Spa.
~A framed photo - your choice from any photo on my blog
~A pair of Oakley mugs and coasters
~2 prizes of cuddly dog toy

To enter - simply go to:


and make a donation. When you do this, after selecting/entering the amount of your donation, just enter your name into the box indicated*

We will then allocate one 'virtual ticket' for every £5 donated between now and midnight on 28 February 2019. After this, we will use an online ticket picker to randomly pick winners.

First drawn will get first choice of the prizes

Second drawn will get next choice of the remaining prizes and so on....

Also, we still have a (very few) calendars left - anyone who buys one of these before the draw deadline will also be entered into the draw in the same way. Go to www.guidedogoakley.org.uk/shop.html

Winners will be announced on this blog on 1 March 2019, after which Mummy will send you a Private Message to request your choice of prize and your address to send it to.

*your name is essential for contact should you be a winner. If you prefer to remain publicly anonymous, then don't tick the box below giving consent to your name appearing on the site

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