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Friday, 7 August 2015

Beeping, Starving and Big Things.....

Toot Toot Toot Beep Beep Beeeeeeep! That was what I heard this morning. It was a bunch of miffed car drivers that had been held up for a few moments. It all happened after I had taken Mum for a long walk around a block that we haven't walked for a very long time.

We left Mik and Sue's house and Mum told me to 'find Tesco's'. Of course, I found it! Even though Mum told me a few times enroute to 'hang on a moment. Is this the right way?' Why does she doubt my amazingness? I prove her wrong to do that every time!

Anyway, we went to Tesco's, got the bits of shopping she wanted, and the started on the route back. Instead of returning back the same way we went, we continued on around the 'block' so to speak. This was fine, but not a route we have taken as such before. We have walked bits of it on many occasions, but not as a direct route from Tesco to Mik and Sue's house, so Mum got a bit kerfuffled. She stopped and used her talkybone to speak to Dad, who gave her reassurance that we were indeed heading the right way. So off we toddled to continue our way. This was great until we came to a very busy nasty road. One of those with sort of two roads - one with traffic whizzing one way then one with traffic whizzing the other way. There was no bleepy crossing there so Mum stopped for a moment to try to work out which way to go and what to do. Before she had chance to decide, a car stopped to our right hand side, in the middle of the two lines of roadway coming towards us. A man got out of the car. He had a very sticky uppy bright blue strip of head fur, lots of funny shiny rings and blobs stuck into his face, neck and ears, and lots of multicolourd pictures all over his skin. He stood in the middle of the road and waved to other cars coming towards him. They stopped too. He then came over to Mum and me and asked Mum if she would like him to help her across the road. She accepted and he led us both across not only his side of the road, but also the other side too, where the cars were whizzing the other way. While this was happening some of the cars were doing their noisy honking, tooting and beeping. It seems that the drivers were unimpressed with being made to wait.

When the nice man had made sure we were safely all the way across the road, he went back to his car and then we heard several people cheering and banging their paws together. The man stood in the middle of the road, put one paw behind his back and the other in front of his tummy and bent over fowards. Then he got back into his car and drove off again.

Mum was a bit soggy-eyed about all this and a passerby stopped and commented to Mum about him being a wonderful man! This lady had very leaky eyes! I gave her a special nuzzle to reassure her!

We made it back safely and then the rest of the day has been snoozy and a bit boring really, apart from a trip into town. We went to a house belonging to a lady called Clare. We met Debbi and Ryan there. I met two tiny hissing furballs there too, and a doggy pal. However, the hissing furballs weren't willing to play and the doggy pal didn't seem to welcome my presence! We didn't stay there all that long either - which was just as well because I was ravenous - ti was past my dinnertime! Then we went to Nanny and Papa's home. We didn't stay there very long though and came away with loads of boxes and bags. I really get the impression that something very big and important is happening........

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