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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Annie, Freeruns, Swimming and Yummies!

I've heard mention today of someone called Annie Versary. I haven't met this person, I'm sure we haven't had visitors, but yet Mum and Dad seem to see this person as special and important! I don't get it at all.
What I did get, though, after saying goodbyes to Debbi and Ryan, was some work guiding Mum into town again, some fuss and admiration from people in the shops, followed by a wonderful freerun, including a swim or several (heehee! Mum says she told me to stay out of the water - I didn't hear her......honest I didn't!)
After that, we went into one of those places with a big dark room, lots of seats and a big wall with moving pictures in it. The moving pictures had loads of little yellow poobag pods (like the one that used to be attached to my lead), that walked and talked and had funny eyes - some had one eye and some had two. Most peculiar! I enjoyed hoovering all the little white fluffy crunchy clouds from the floor though!
Then, after a brief detour to a big boring shop with no yummies, we headed back to the boat. Not for long though! I then walked Dad back into town to collect a bag full of human yummies. I had to endure the torture of that smell all the way home again. Mum very carelessly dropped a couple of funny white round crunchy disks. They were yummy but they got stuck to the roof of my mouth!

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