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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Broken Things....

Someone broke the lock gate. Then someone broke the dog!

I've walked a gazillion miles today, first of all guiding mum all along the towpath, working locks and swingbridges along the way., then taking Dad off to explore the area we've moored in. Apparently we should have cruised another couple of miles but the lock gate is badly broken, so we can't go any further. The lock gate is all decorated with red and white long stuff. Maybe it is a bandage to make it better?

I did work well today. Mum said so. She rewarded me with a bit of freedom at one of the locks. I don't think that freedom was supposed to extend into the boat that pulled up to come up the lock after we had gone down! She didn't seem too pleased that I had been kind to those boaters by removing some yummies from their bin! Oops! Ahem........ Well...... How could I leave good food to rot in a bin? Honestly! It is a crime to waste it.......and I helped them.......they don't have to carry it to the sanitary station now!

Photos: 1) of the broken lock gate - all adorned with red and white tape. A boat had smashed into the gate, breaking the huge structure.
2) of Oakley fast asleep on his bed with his head lollopping back against the adjacent storage box seat.

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