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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wet Walkies, Dry Walkies - Oh, and a Spot of Hoovering.....

More leaky skies this morning. I took Mum out for a walk around this Bournemouth place. We set off when it was dry but the sky started leaking before we went very far. We carried on anyway. It wasn't too pleasant (I don't like working in the wet - it messes up my fur!) but it was worth persevering. I have a suspicion that Mum intended going further than we did, but, I knew a better way - a shorter route to the free-run area! Heehee! Mum obediently followed my guidance and we went that way! Heehee!
We then returned to Granny's but not for very long - we all went out again in the car to a floor-hoovering place (oh.....errrr...I mean a human yummies place!). I got into a bit of trouble in the car on the way. I was getting a bit uptight again and thought I might be more comfortable on the back bit - behind the back seat. Mum got a bit stroppy with me saying that I am far too big to ride on the parcel shelf! Dad stopped the car and Mum made me get back down again to lie down on the back seat with her. Then she held firmly onto my lead to make sure I stayed there. Humph! She is muttering things about contacting Guide Dogs at Reading for advice on how to deal with me! Uh-oh! That sounds serious!
Anyway, after the yummies, we went off to do a whole load more of that shopping stuff. It is a slow process with Granny as she walks very slowly but that's OK. She is very senior and it gives me plenty of chance to sniff. Today, that meant that I could help to mop the floor where I found a puddle of that nice white water that comes in lots of plastic bottles. At one place by the cold shelves, a lady got a bit impatient waiting for Granny to choose which yogurt she wanted. Mum, first of all, politely asked her to wait a moment. Then, when she still was impatient and started trying to push through, Mum told her that she thinks that, at 93, Granny is entitled to a little patience and please would she wait for just a moment longer. The lady snorted and walked away saying 'What do they think? They own the bloody shop? Big dog and an old biddy with a trolley - shouldn't be allowed out!'. Another lady shouted after her telling not to bother getting old, then gave Mum a pat on the back saying 'Well done for sticking up for this lovely old lady'. Me? I just sniffed a friendly sniff at everyone! I think I like being called a 'big dog' though! Mum usually says I'm dinky!
Regardless of how slow she is, I love Granny - especially when she picks the biggest carrot out of the fridge for me! Slurp!
I took Dad out for a lovely long walk this evening to make up for all the staying in because of the leaky skies. It is all dry again tonight!

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