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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pizza, Play and Kanoodling!

I gather it was called pizza. It jumped out of the box on the park bench - straight into my mouth! Honest it did! It was yummy too! The humans sitting there clearly weren't appreciating it - otherwise why would they have put it down on the bench?
I don't think Mum was too impressed with me though. She is muttering something about less dinner tonight! Humph!
This all happened after taking Mum into town, where I met some of my new humans friends in Wilko. The lady on the checkout said something about contacting Mum to arrange a playdate with her dog! I'm liking the sound of that! We then continued on around town and started to head off around the big block back towards the boat. Then we bumped into another Guide Dog. Her name is Dory. She is a 3 year old yellow lab x retriever and she was guiding her human, Craig. Craig's Mum and Dad were there too and, of course, loads of yacketying ensued! That gave Dory and me chance for a bit of kanoodling!
We then parted company and continued on our way home. I had to stop to do a doggy download, which Mum picked up in one of the little black bags that I carry in the pouch on my harness. I then led Mum straight to a bin so she could put my offering in it! She was very impressed with me for that!
Our route back to the boat took us via Victoria Park, which was nice and clear so Mum removed my harness and lead and told me to 'go play', while she followed the pathway. Very soon after that I noticed a doggy pal way off in the distance, so I headed off to greet. It turned out to be Dory! We wasted no time in having a good game of chase! It was during this game that the pizza dragged me by the nostrils straight towards it. I swear I didn't hear the whistle that Mum says she was blowing to call me back! The pizza must have blocked my ears!

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