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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Beauty Sleep and Early Nights

Yaaawwwwny yaaaawwny yaaaaawn! We've had a very sleepy day. Not a murmur of a complaint there! I had to wake myself up enough to squeak to Mum and Dad that I needed a wee. That was when the tickydisk said 9am. Then my rumblytum demanded my breakfast. That was quite enough exertion for another couple of hours!
I took Dad for a walk to get some human yummies, then, back aboard, I snoozed while he filled the boat with delectable smells. Hmmm.... A tad unfair that I didn't get to taste what I helped to buy!
Mum and Dad then did a whole load of clicketyfingersing and talkyboning while I caught up on some more beauty sleep. A pleasant walk on harness took Mum and Dad into town to take some stuff to a shop. Strange idea! I thought shops were for getting stuff from! Mum says this was a charity shop and we were donating some fur substitutes. Hmm.... oK.....well, it was a nice walk anyway! We continued on around town to another shop where things went the normal way round! We bought a few things, including a pack of chewy chews for me! Yay!
Mum said something about an early night tonight......yep! I think I can handle that...zzzz......

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