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Monday, 24 August 2015

Higher Cars, & Slow Fast Roads!

Yep! Thought so. We're at Granny's!

I have a brand new bed here so I guess it means we're staying - hence the big black bag and all the packing.

It has been a very soggy day with oooooodles of leaky sky. We seem to have spent a lot of it in a car - another one of those that Dad says is higher. This one has a lid on the boot so I had to travel on the back seat as there wasn't room for me on the floor. Mum put a towel on the seat. I did my best to dig it out of the way but she told me off! Huff! Never mind - it was quite nice riding with a view! We spent most of the journey on those fast roads, but we didn't go very fast. In fact, we went very slowly for  a lot of the way. I could have got there waaaay faster by walking! I guess I would have got rather soggy by doing that though.

I've guided Mum around a huge Tesco's, including guiding her whilst she was helping Granny too, so I had to be verrrrry slow and careful. I tried to help Granny to select a few yummies in Tesco, but Mum told me off! She was a right grump! Huff! I was trying to point out the biggest juiciest carrots, the nicest meats and the tastiest bread. It's not my fautt that I don't have pawpointers like humans. I only have my nose/mouth to select such delicious items!


  1. I've been re-reading my blog from the beginning of our adventure and noticed I mention a lady working a lock with a guide dog in Birmingham. It was the end of August 2013. I wonder if it was you! Elly (ellyandmick.blogspot.com)

  2. Mum and Dad have been racking their brains! I have certainly been to Birmingham before, and Mum & Dad have been several times. They can't remember being on a boat in August 2013 though.

    Can you remember any more?