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Friday, 14 August 2015

Friends and Visitors!

It seems I am better known than Mum! Heehee!

After a shopping trip we walked back along the towpath (Mum was mean and kept me on harness - that meant no swimming! Huff!). As we came to a lock side, there was a lady human there with two minihumans and a minidog. She called out "Is that Oakley?" Of course I had to greet her to tell her 'Yes. This is me. Love me!' She did! She made yummy fuss of me, as did the minihumans too. The minidog was less enthusiastic though, but we did have a greeting sniff. The lady did talk to Mum and Dad too, but couldn't remember their names! My fame is just so awesome!

I won a few new fans while we were shopping too. Well, Mum left me with Dad while she went into a little box to try on some fur substitutes. I had nothing better to do than look adorable! It worked! Heehee! Then, when we went to the checkout, the man behind the bench wanted my love so I had to stand up and put my paws up on the bench in order to oblige. I liked that man; he had yummy ears and he wanted me to clean them for him! These were just two of several admirers that I have wooed today!

Back aboard the boat, I had a bit of a chance for some beauty snoozing while Mum and Dad were clicketyfingersing. Then I took Dad for another brief walk and we found Uncle John and Aunty Judy! They came to visit! Of course that meant loads of yacketying and human yummies, but that does explain why I got extra portions of carrot trimmings in my dinner! Yummmm!

So, it has been a pretty good day reaally! Enjoying Mummy snuggles now! Night night!

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