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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ups, Downs and Yacketying

Oakley world never ceases to be different! Today, I have tried to keep out of the way (not easy for a big lad like me inside a narrowboat!) while Mum and Dad packed tons of stuff into big bags, I've spent ages in another one of those so-called higher cars (this one is normal height too!), been into a boring shop where I met new fans, rode some more in the car, and arrived in Bournemouth again.

I went into Granny and Grandpa's flat and discovered no Grandpa, but Granny was there, along with Aunty Judy and Uncle John. I had my dinner and then sat patiently by the fridge to make sure I got my carrot for afters! It was a nice big crunchy one! Yummmm!

After human yummies, I took Mum, Dad, Aunty Judy and Uncle John for a nice freerun around the cliff-top area. They, of course, did loads of yacketying but I enjoyed a good run around, including a bit of a play with a husky.

Now we are in a hotel room with wibbly-wobbly-uppy-downy floor! It keeps tripping Mum up!

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