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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Told you I was Bored....

Not a particuarly eventful day today. Mum and Dad have both been playing endlessly with their clicketyfingers toys. I have largely snoozed. I did take Mum for a walk into town this morning where I managed to gain a few admirers, mainly while Mum was occupied trying to find things on the shelves! We then went on to Lidl's where I tried and failed again to help choose a sample or two from that 'Don't even think about it' section. Huff! Finally, I took Mum into Pets at Home. We had a nosey around but somehow we managed to miss out the yummy floor aisle so I didn't get to hoover! Huff again!

I do need to tell you all about this event on Friday 4 September in Newbury. Mum says we will hopefully be there and it is raising shiny disks and floppy rectangles for Guide Dogs.

Photo of poster promoting a show called 'Oh What the Dickens' at the Village Hall in Newbury. Friday 4 September 7pm. It says "Prepare to be enthralled and entertained as we take you on an informative, humerous and musical journey through the life, times and works of one of England's most beloved storytellers".

£12 admission includes welcome drinks and refreshments.

For more info message me.

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